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To Be

This song is by Azimuth Split.

I know this girl, I like her real bad, I know it sounds sad, but that's the way I feel.
I wanna grow up and build her a house, build her kids, for real.
She stands around town telling her friends stories I try to decipher.
And in the end, it all falls down because I am an outsider.

And you can never be what you want
To be

Summer Morning, Winter's Evening, it rains again, I lie.
Arms around her, my protector, admiring the blue blue sky.
Reflected in her eyes, there are happy smiles, never can I annoy her.
I see her there in the satisfied arms of the outsider.

But will she ever pay the fee
To see?

Some lads tell I am ugly, and damn lucky, and that I will be destroyed.
Others say that things are well, things are swell, and that I'm just paranoid.
I feel her cold shoulder, she's a few months older, a few years wiser.
Hidden Histories, unsolved mysteries, unknown to the outsider.

But you can never be what you want
To be

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