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First Day Of The Apples

This song is by Azimuth Split.

Today's the first day of the apples
I'm letting it all slip away
In the end, nothing much else can happen
On apple day
The years, I've found, have passed without pain
And settled into the backdrop
Like last spring's rain
And screams from the hilltop

Today's the first day of the apples
I'm lying far from the orchard
Stupid white men, it always rankles
From the mouths of babes, it's so hard
You wanna know why I'm acting dead in the water?
Answer me that and you'll drown my questions
For too long I've quietly sought her.
I'm still ugly and out of suggestions

Plan it out
On an O.S. map, it's a suicide trap, yeah
Go through
The gap of the North-West, it's a suicide quest, yeah

Todays the last day of the apples
I'm still letting it slip away
Summer's over, nothing else matters
Nothing left to say
Dreams are over, I let them shatter
Wait for another day

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