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Cliché Me

This song is by Azimuth Split.

Sold my soul to fulfill another meaningless goal
But upon arrival, I lost control
I stole a glance at the stars
But I got caught and now I have scars
Lost my grip on a slippery slope
When I started to tug the rope

I'm telling myself I have no choice
I might as well throw the dice
I copyrighted my empty feelings
When I got some mental beatings
You might as well be abstract
Because you signed the fucking contract

I've lost the electricity
All that's left is Synchronicity
The lights are on but there's no one home
And I'm left here alone
I go not official warning
Here I am now, sitting in mourning.

I'm lovestruck but I guess I'm just stuck with dumb luck
I suppose I'm just a stereotype, another cliché hype.

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