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Holy Possession

This song is by Azarath and appears on the album Blasphemers' Maledictions (2011).

Crucified scum covered with the fullness of worship
From the lament of vermin your throne rises
I scorn your symbols and your defeat's glory

Bastard messiah!
I curse your fucking race
I stone the words of weakness
And trample crown of thorns
Defiled icons of mercy
Dance with the fire of sin
Madness of my sight opens my veins

The golden words turned into shit
My Veins...
The Serpent's call

Sucking the blood from the holy source of life
This full moon night of madness I violate your domain
The crying whores praying for you resurrection
Their cunts are burning with black crosses deep inside

Fresh blood runs from her altar of flesh
Faith deep as her dirty twat...

In the lands of desolated ways
Source of life withers
Your psalms shall possess...
Black crosses in their cunts
The holy force within
Your psalms shall possess...

Sheep bound by celebration
Consume your flesh and blood
Crawl for salvation
Praise for decrepit God
The prayer is piercing
Through the twisted minds
Possessed by holy spirit
The cursed mankind's fall

Behold the prayers of shit
Bleeding in perdition
Enslaved by self-destruction
So close the horned lord

In the lands of desolated ways
Source of life withers
Your words shall possess...
The eternal walk through
The wastelands of your faith
The story never told...
Your words shall possess...
Your words shall possess...

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