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Enough of You

This song is by Azad and appears on the EP A Very Emotional EP (2016).

Weathered the storm, I stayed pushing through the cold front
The act of worryings like a prayer for what you don't want
Shit I used to be depressed thinking about you
But I should care less, my futures brighter than some gold fronts
I loved the idea of you
Much more than I actually loved being with you
What I mean is you wasn't a keeper, still I can name a couple of reasons why my mind was so deep into you
I had broke up with my ex and was fiendin for admiration
Plus the city loved you, I was seekin' their validation
Then I fell too fast, it got ugly during those late night calls, my Demons was mad abrasive
I had no shame that whole summer
Hitting everything that moved girl
God damn it was cold summer
And all I really wanted was you girl

I can't get enough of you
Said I can't get enough of you
I'm in love w the things you do
And I can't get, said I can't

Between you and the music game, girl I lost faith that year
Had a whole lot of hate in my veins that year
Shit, I know made mad mistakes that year
Still if I could go back, I wouldn't change that, yeah
You fucked the kid that introduced us
And he was best friends with your ex, that shit is fucked up
He said you was wack in the bed, it might be fucked up
But that's how I knew he wasn't lying...
And now you got a new man
Heard he ride round town in a new Benz
He's a go getter huh, he making new plans for you
Trying to tell you what to do, well that dude ain't for you
But no matter how I feel it ain't my place to act
Know I meant what I said, I won't take it back
And no matter what I do, I can't change the past
I just wish we could've made it last, aw man

Yeah, hold up
Damn I used to tear your walls up
But now you're the reason that my walls up
These girls should blame you when I don't pick they calls up
Getting mad confused when I say I lost trust
But I'm trying
To get my heart on the same page as my mind
It's harder than I thought to find a lady on the grind
Who understands the game and everything that's on the line for me...
The other girls I left, they would cry for me
How'd I fall for a chick that wouldn't ride for me
If I dipped I bet she wouldn't blink an eye for me
But she's the only one I see and that's the irony
Yeah, I tried my best at replacing you
I lost my soul trying to wait for you
Look what you made me do, what can I say to you
Shit, what can I say to you

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