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The lovers I pass are walking shoulder to shoulder
I feel it's biting cold, because you are not here
I was shining, because I was in love
I was so carried away that I even forgot the seasons and needed nothing else but you

* I thought you were my last person
I wanted my love for you to be my last one
What on earth should I think of
All alone under such a vast night sky ?

I'm thinking again by whose side you are smiling now
I wonder how much time will pass until my suffering ends

** The thread of the dream you were talking about sometime
That line you always said
It's easier for me to forget them all, isn't it?
But I don’t want to forget a single one

The moment I'm surrounded by silence
I'm hit by the memories, too tender and warm

* (repeat)
** (repeat)

But I don’t want to forget a single one