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I've never believed in the red thread.
I thought fate was something to grab.
At an incredible speed it winds around.
I've become tired of this world,
even though I've searched for the hand that will save love.

I want it to arrive. Sometime, when
I found myself through you,
from that day I felt like I could get much stronger.
Because I can be proud of myself,
I don't want to give up and
I waved goodbye at my troubling past.
I've learned for the first time
what is most important.

I feel like I've hurt you by
being lost about being by your side.
Somewhere I falsely learned
what true happiness is.
I'm going to stop paying attention to what others say.

The eternity in which I move closer
to your lips is something i've never seen, but
if it's us two, I think we can believe it
because we're not alone anymore.
Love doesn't have to end for everyone
like a long night finally breaking into dawn
I believe in myself, take one step forward,
and I feel like I can go anywhere.