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I open a new door into a place I don't know.
Even if I close it I'm still myself, so
no matter what kind of place it is, I'll show you that I can survive.
To have a once in a lifetime challenge.

The past isn't something you compare to the present.
But the future can't beat the present either.

I've decided to zoom off when the next light turns green.
It turns yellow, and stops at red. Am I ready for this?

I'm tired of hearing the noise around me.
Even if only one person understands it's ok.
Let's eat all the things we like, leaving none behind,
and throw away the things we hate.

It was fun. It's an old story, but
memories are always remembered in a good light, right?

I take a deep breath, my chest rises. I puff out my chest; I'm confident.
Now I can say that I don't have time to stop. I have no time.