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*I don't need the Rules
Decided by someone else
Because we are the Rules
I can't give way in that matter

"Where on earth is hope in an age like this?"
"Can we believe in what we can't see or touch?"
I just nod silently and close my eyes calmly

Because I can feel clearly now that
we are certainly connected

* (repeat)

"This world isn't yet so bad, though it's cloudy everywhere"
"However foggy, I have enough confidence in trying to trust someone"
I take a deep breath and shout proudly

Because I was taught by you on that day that everything happens necessarily, not casually

** I don't want to be imposed on
By the same old stupid Rules
Let's start first, you and me
By breaking the Rules

Since the moment my strength turned into tenderness
And my tenderness turned into strength
I have nothing to fear any more
I'm feeling so

* (repeat)
** (repeat)