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(hahahaha) NoNo NoNo
(hahahaha) NoNo NoNo

I knew from the start
That it's really impossible
Even so ...

I only wated to dream
That my dream would come true
Just for a moment

* I took the courage to approach you
Because I wanted to be loved by you
But I stayed as far as I could from you
Because I didn't want to be disliked by you

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It must be true
That you should not behave
Unlike yourself

I'm surprised myself
That this wound seems deeper
Than I thought

** Just because I love you
It would be the best way for me to disappear
If I could hate you
I would rather be better off

The counting voice for the start and the end
Sounds heartlessly
The answer you gave
Is too tender to me
It makes me sad and feel pain

* (repeat)
** (repeat)

(hahahaha) NoNo NoNo
(hahahaha) NoNo NoNo

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