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I believe you can hear me
I want to tell you
"This bell sound announcing the end
Bears no sad tone at all"

* You were crying and shouting, weren't you?
You sometimes lost your voice, didn't you?
I wonder if it's a lie, if it's a dream
Because I don't wake up

** I don't regret nor look back any more
It's the only way for me to go forward
Even if I love you and miss you
Even if I can never meet you again

*** I had such a love that I couldn't be proud of
And felt guilty about
A merry night and a lonely morning
I repeated such a life

*** (repeat)

**** I wonder if I make it in time, if it's not late
I wonder if I can still start
I want you to see me and feel me
I want you not to give me up

***** Because I don't run away nor gloss over
Because I don't repeat the same thing
I'm by your side, I'm holding you
I accept you as you are

****** The only and the last one
There is such a love
A night of belief and a morning of fulfillment
An angel smiled

****** (repeat)
* (repeat)
** (repeat)
**** (repeat)
***** (repeat)