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Lately... no, not lately
I've noticed since a while ago
That you are of a dominant and possessive nature
I see, but

Hey, we have often heard
"If you do sleep talking, do so in your sleep"
If you're awake, tell a better story please
So that I may not yawn

Because your heroic story is
Filled with exaggerations
And no more in the original shape
Isn't it?

*Sorry, but shut up please
I can't hear our voices
If you are so eager to talk
Tell it to your mamas, boys

Your story is way too long
I'm tired of glancing you up
My brief responses have toned down and down

Hey, we have often heard of
"A man's romance" or so
But it originally means the thoughts
That can't be put into words
But you're in a group of
Those who always nod yes
And you make a glib and flat speech
One after another in a loud voice

**Sorry, but clear the way please
We want to got through there
Even if our destinations are the same
Say to us, "How do you do" boys?