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One day I got a call from her
She didn't seem like herself
After talking about her boyfriend for about an hour
She started to cry

(AH- AH-)
I'll pick you up right now
(AH- AH-)
I can cry together
(AH- AH-)
Or laugh for you
(AH- AH-)
Anyway, I'll be with you to the end

This is our Ladies Night
Until dawn today, Ladies Night

This is a common case
Speaking a little seriously
It's apparently her fighting with him
But really that with herself

(AH- AH-)
I can't think it's someone else's problem
(AH- AH-)
Though we understand in our minds
(AH- AH-)
We repeat the same mistakes
(AH- AH-)
In other words, we are always blind

It has only begun, Ladies Night
Even after dawn today, Ladies Night

(AH- AH-)
We are pure
(AH- AH-)
Beautiful and wise

Saying such words, Ladies Night
Having a wild party, Ladies Night

(C'mon) Laughing like crying, Ladies Night
Shedding tears like laughing, Ladies Night

(1 more) Singing like shouting, Ladies Night
Dancing like crazy, Ladies Night