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There's a world beneath this sky of grey
That is multiplying every day
With desire and all kinds of greed
And how they all pollute.
In this darkness I cannot lose sight
Of the beauty that endures in light
I can walk beyond the emptiness
Always facing you.

For now I understand that there still remains
Some things still pure and true
In the corners of life, they're hidden away
And all that I have learned
Came from you.

With barely a breath, so still I gaze
Upo~n you deep in sleep by my side
Your body, exhausted, seems to fade before my eyes.
In all of the world there's no one else
But I~ who knows your everything
And seen your true defenceless face
That's dear to me.

On a day like any other day
When the sun was pouring like the rain
And a gentle breeze was whispering
Was when I realised.
That a change was ahead for the both of us
That no else could feel
But so softly it crept into my heart
It's growing stronger still
Deep inside.

The tears that were pouring down my face
At last were not born of sorrow at all
And though at first I could feel the pain, I came to see
That as all your feelings entered my heart
Through all of my wounds I could never mend
That all of the pain there you had changed to tenderness.

Whenever you meet a sorrow so deep
That you find beyond it you cannot see
A~ll I ask is that you'll share it all with me
If I can do anything for you
Whatever it takes, I'm ready to do
My beautiful treasure that I pray I never lose
My beautiful treasure that I pray I never lose.