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What am I expecting?
Every time the phone receiver
I'm grasping trembles
My heart leaps
But soon I'm let down with a sigh
How many times will I continue to do this?

How long am I going to believe the words, "some other day"
When it will never come?

It's better to forget
Thinking that I just dreamed for a little while
Though I know very well
A miracle will never happen
Though I know very well

I'm sorry I told you abruptly that day
That everything became suddenly unclear

The last time that I saw your tears
Is still clinging to my memory

Why couldn't I believe in you .
Right in front of me?
You see? It must have been good enough
Only to love what I was loving
Almost clumsily

I wonder if I could leave
Something for you

When time passes by
What will be left for me?
My heart going on wishing for a miracle?
Or just

A scar?