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Little by little the warmth you left me with is going out
If it's gone completely, what will my body mean?

Seized with several impulses, I'm lost in a maze with no exit
The sense of reality urges me suddenly to find the way out
But why can't I leave this place, so strangely?

(*) I can smile naturally about this time tomorrow
As if nothing had happened
I've always walked in such a manner
But I can't control this game as I wish

The moment I say something
Everything may slip down through my fingers like sands
And I only wait the time passing by so calmly

(**) I need no makeshift words
Which I'll probably forget about this time tomorrow
I had made this game a little longer than usual
No problem, I'll be able to find another one

(*) repeat
(**) repeat

Please tell me that this pain is surely an illusion
Please tell me that I'm not like myself at all now
Please tell me, because otherwise, I'll yearn for your warmth again