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When I was filled with laughter from the heart
I didn't even notice my own happiness.
I can't go back, no matter how much I miss that summer.
That slender yet strong hand. Because I pulled away.

Because you're important to me I feel like
I'll lose you without noticing it, but
again, again I tell you that
"In this whole world, there's only one of you."

A wind that tells the changing of the seasons blows
I'm afraid of feeling that you're far away.
When we were still together, I truly loved you and cried.
I was easier to hurt than now, but I certainly shined.

If you find something you can believe in,
I'll certainly give you a hand.
Again, again I tell you that,
"Even if we're separated, in our hearts we're still friends."

While I look up at the blue sky on a clear day,
I kick puddles on a rainy day.
Again, again I know
why I was born, the meaning of life.

Even on painful days,
even if I want to flee into the night,
again, again, I remember my days with you
and use them as support.