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It's new, it's like me, it's like you...

Back when we still called each other "lover,"
that sea we visited... I went back there alone.
And while searching for that place I had forgotten for so long,
the sound of the waves were somehow soothing;
I think I'm about to cry.

It's new, it's like me, it's like you. I am reborn...
If you try to describe happiness: it's something
intangible that slips through the cracks of your fingers.

You said "I'm leaving to find myself," and left.
In that memory, and others since, the sea grows wider.
Surely somewhere out there the skies we are looking at
flow together, and are connected.

People think of love as a station at which the train doesn't stop.
But we had a departure station and an arrival station.
ul-lalalai Yeah, that's right.

Summer is coming soon. A summer without you...