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Even now I don't understand
The meaning of growing up

But I wonder
Where that girl or that boy in my memory
Is now walking and aiming for

Daybreak comes quickly these days
The scent of wind has changed

It seems familiar and unfamiliar
It makes my heartbeat quicker
Sweet and sad

* We ran through the road to the sea
Screaming with laughter innocently
In the far away summer days

The childhood memories are still in my heart
We never knew
What would be waiting for in our futures

What is left is what we chose
It's not casual at all

If the universe has a will
I think it surely worked on us
Tender and precious

**How many times have I sought for something
Found and lost it
Since that time?

***But your smile has taught me
That we are now
In the closest place to forever

* (repeat)
** (repeat)
*** (repeat)