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* put your hands up together!!
keep your heads up together!!
let me sing forever!!
Dala Dala Dala Dala……

You may not be able to find your rhythm somehow lately
You may feel yourself uncool

You may be pressing the wrong buttons
One after another

But not because so
And not with resignation
Please don't sacrifice joy
For sadness

** However uncool you may be today
And even if you may feel down
And regret with this and that
The sun also rises

*** Or more like
I'll accept you like this and like that
In other words, I like you in any time

* (repeat)

You may wonder if such is an adult
That you would often imagined in your childhood

You are spending the days
Far away from your ideal and expectation, aren't you?

But not because so
And not with resignation
Please never forget
That life is only once

If you say you are happy
And give me a smile tomorrow
I feel like somehow
That everything goes well

Say it's all right and nod your head
No problem even if you have no basis
That's really our courage

* (repeat)
** (repeat)
*** (repeat)
* (repeat)
* (repeat)