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Within your heart, you've actually been crying for a while haven't you?
But you were hiding it, that part of you hasn't changed.

You were smiling just at the moment we could meet, weren't you?
I'm sure it was your sweet lie and the pretension to be strong with all your might

We always knew, we have never had a day where we forgot
We don't have to know the meaning of becoming an adult

* Because we started to walk and we don't need a reason for that
Because we certainly know at least that we are simply OK, we are OK now

I painfully know that your feelings are reaching me unchanged
Because our promise to share everything isn't a lie at all

Just as we have protected the naturally-colored flower petals together
We will gently see them through together until the last one falls

** And we started to walk, hand in hand, still in an unfamiliar way
Now we have taken a step forward, and this moment will change the future

* (repeat)
** (repeat)