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I wonder
About what time I noticed
That a fairy tale is no more than a fairy tale

And regrettably
Everyone knows
That there is a rather surreal ending

You aren't on a white horse at all
(Listen to the music)
How easygoing you are as ever !

* We are Beautiful Fighters
To be honest
There are some terrible days
But the girls who live
Without stopping nor giving up are
Beautiful Fighters
The unhealed wound
Sometimes opens
But shuts again in time

I feel
The glass shoes must be too delicate
To run through this age

If they fit just right, just maybe...
(Never stop my dancing)
How easygoing and alike we are !

** We are Beautiful Fighters
We cried tonight
Just a little
But the girls who fight with the tomorrow
That is new and clean are
Beautiful Fighters
For we know
Our desires are
Never satisfied completely

* (repeat)
** (repeat)