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I convinced them that I'm OK
And showed my usual, practiced smile
Not like in an aloof manner
But a feeling of audacity

The reason I hid my trembling hand was
Because their sympathy was so hollow

The half-hearted and superficial
Warmth can't warm me up
I rather want them to pretend not to look
Until I crumble away without a trace

By now, I don't have any intention
Of hearing nor speaking eloquent sounding words
The pain will probably only be spreading
So all I need is to go and accept it

The dreadfully clear air
Is the calm before the storm

Those people who seem so kind
What do they really want to know
Deep beneath their seemingly gentle eyes
They hide the sharp knife of curiosity

What exactly do you want?
What exactly do you wish for?
Where exactly do you aim for?
And with whom will you head there?

For you to be able to live as yourself
This is the first and last, this one time
After spreading out a big map
You should draw a path just for yourself