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The New Real

This song is by Arjen Anthony Lucassen and appears on the album Lost in the New Real (2012).

"Of course ... Mr L. Wake up slowly. But don't move yet. You will need time to recover. And welcome back. My name is Voight-Kampff: I am your hardheaded shrink. My genetic team handled the damaged DNA in your head. You are as good as new (maintenance keeps quality.) I will help you adjust to all things changed. Keep you up to date. Now tell me ... the last thing you remember"

I remember dying
Shifting into black
I remember dreaming
Of a second chance

Worn out by fighting
The unrelenting pain
End my weary longing
For a different fate

Defences down
I glide into the New Real
Awaking to another world

What awaits me out here
In this foreign place
Will this world accept me?
Will I find my space?

Defences down
I glide into the New Real
Awaking to another world

I lost my ground
Conforming to the New Real
Connecting to a different world

Written by:

Arjen Anthony Lucassen

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