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Ayreon's Fate

This song is by Ayreon and appears on the album The Final Experiment (1995).

Ayreon (leon goewie):
Misguided Merlin,
You fail to understand,
I could never be your rival.
I was just a pawn,
In a future masterplan,
For the purpose of survival!

Merlin (robert soeterboek):
I've cast my spell upon you!
I have no faith, you cannot be true!

WOMEN: Ayreon!

I forgive you, Merlin,
For you don't know what you've done,
Even for you, it was all a mystery.
One day you'll see,
That I was the one,
Who could change the course of history!

Your words are all in vain!
Close your eyes, there'll be no more pain!

WOMEN: Oh Ayreon...

(Robert soeterboek):
I see one day,
His story will be told,
At the end of the 20th century, oh!
(Ian parry):
I see one day,
The truth will unfold!
(Mirjam van doorn):
And the quest has now begun!
Oh, Ayreon!

(Jay van feggelen):
I hope one day,
That man will understand,
It's in his power to change his destiny!
(Leon goewie):
I hope one day,
He'll do all that he can!
(Debby schreuder)
And all the nations will be one!
Oh Ayreon! Yeah!

WOMEN (SCHREUDER and VAN DOORN): Now the end has just begun!
AYREON (EDWARD REEKERS): And words become a song!
VILLAGERS (SCHREUDER and VAN DOORN): Tell me what you feel!
Ayreon (arjen lucassen):
The seas are red, the skies are grim...
Listen to the waves...

Merlin (edward reekers):
The outcome of 'The Final Experiment' has
Now been placed in your hands...

(Clock ticking)

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