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Bright Lights, Black Helicopters

This song is by Ayin.

The neon lights are too bright and there is a tiredness in your limbs
From the same circles you've been running
And the deep waters in which you swim
How do you stay afloat?

Amber Alert
Someone's missing
Important newsflash
The sky is falling

Terrorists they want your freedom
The price of safety rises per diem
Where will you run now?
Guns to keep yourself protected

Religion to grant all mistakes correction
National clampdown to prevent insurrection
The lesser evil wins each election
One day your flood will come

Who will save me from the serpents and black helicopters?
These tracks have led to such terrible wrecks
How many limbs were severed?
How many broken necks?

Death captured in slow motion on black & white surveillance cameras
We dumped their bodies in the ocean and sent flowers to their families
Our lives are statistics plotted in graphs
What does it add up to?

You do the fucking math by the stream
We'll all wash our hands clean
And pretend it was all just a bad dream.

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