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Dear Love

This song is by Ayanna.

Been hearing about you all my life and all they say
Is that you don't come with a price
And that it takes a little time (time)
To get to know you (know you)
I hear you move a little slow cause you know who's ready
I really think I am (I am)
And I'll know when we (?) 'cause I know all your names
Some call you puppy
Some call you God
Some say to find you is hard
'Cause they lookin' in a club
I'm not the type
So I'm writing dear love

When do you plan to come and visit me?
And how will I know it's true?
Tell me dear love here in your room can't wait for you to see
So hurry I'll wait for you
Are you like butterflies in the spring sunshine after rain?
Do you come with a little pain?
Tell me dear love (dear love)
How long will it be
Dear love (dear love)
Before you'll visit me?

Love love love love love love
Love love love love love love
Dear love, oh
Dear love, oh

Some people put the blame on you for broken hearts
Others mistake you for a scene with movie stars
I see 'em imitating you on the TV
I'm pretty sure it isn't close to the real thing
That we call love love love love love love
Oh that we call love love love love love love
I hope you get my letter soon
And my writing's legible
With the picture of my heart just for you titled dear love

And you might see a teardrop on the paper
Don't worry
I'll tell you why I'm crying a little later
Just come in a hurry
I gotta let it out
I'm a fanatic
I know what you're about
I gotta have it
Please promise me promise me
That you'll come to me come to me
Been writing all my life
So I won't get tired of writing
Dear looveeeeee

Dear love

I wanna know
Dear love

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