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Fire And Ice

This song is by Axxis and appears on the album Kingdom of the Night (1989) and on the album Best Of Ballads & Acoustic (2006).

Stay where you are
And hear the natural sounds
Blowin' in your ears
And if you try to understand
Be captured by unknown fears

Cause our world has changed its face
Day by day
See the signs all around
The nature strikes back

Fire and ice
Cold and heat
Hunger and war (x3)

Like a drop on a burnin' stone
We'll vanish in the universe
Are we the owner of our own?
No, that is not mankind's earth

Forgotten are all these promises
On which we've build our lives
Forgotten are all the preachers
With all their lies

Fire and ice
Cold and heat
Hunger and war (x2)

Fire and ice
No time to turn
The fire burns

Fire and ice
Cold and heat
Hunger and war

Music by:

W. Pietsch / B. Weiss

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