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The Forgotten Song

This song is by Axum and appears on the album Chronacide (2001).

Should've stayed in bed today
Could've gave in to the feeling
Now I'm sitting in my chair
Trying to think of ways to leave here

A tired lady sings a song
That she's been singing for years
To different audiences listening
With their hands in their ears
I mind my corner
But the view it stays so static, I know
An explosion, an explosion is long overdue

Tiny avenues unwasted, but they seem far too long
Would you go away? don't wanna go away
Mind your manners and you'll make it, but they seem far too strong
Would you go away? don't wanna go away

Another uneventuful day
With all the happenings between it
And as I tally my complaints
The world is falling off beneath me

They strap me down and wave that needle, dead
In front of my face
Nobody hears me as they feed me
To the dogs in my head
I've said I'm angry and I'm bored
But I'm to blame I suppose
Please excuse me while I wash the apathy from my clothes

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