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​Leaving Me

This song is by Axum and appears on the album Chronacide (2001).

I think I'll start a band today
I've got these old amps anyway
I've got agendas, but it shouldn't be a problem
'Cause the world will move about my pace today
I fudge a tune, stumble my fingers on the strings
They are all stupid and will never know a thing
I'm not concerned with songs we learn so I won't bother
And if I cannot get this song we'll move along and that's the end

Don't lean on me
I am a leech
I follow low so no one sees me and
I argue loud
I am so proud
Wash the slate and wipe it clean

So what do you want?
What do you hope to be?
A little smarter?
Maybe that's what this is for
You should've planned a little more
Do you feel a little sick?
Ya feel like *?
Stupid kid
Backbones are only for the ones who'll use them well

This is my time to be on stage

I pitched my band boys out again
Started a new life anyway
I reminisce on stories of how I would be a top dog
But I'd be petrified of those heights in the end