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This song is by Axum.

That's great
I'm open to suggestions
On how to make me feel
I always fake like a movie star
And then walk away feeling empty
Last time that I did anything
That I could pass off as instinct
Oh how I'd like to feel those days
Collide with me again

Race you to the tower
Let's do it all again
One last chance to live
So pick from the garden

Fast paced is how I've ordered all things
No waste for present
I always seem to forget names
Reach down to show you all my charm
One line cliches can do no harm
If used with proper timing
Everything is fine today

I'm here sitting on my hands
Shut my eyes to all I can
Novocained myself
Electrify me, show my who I am
I've been eating at my head
Collecting pity in a can
Fade to failure like a domino race
Falling my head

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