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This song is by Axiom Of Choice and appears on the album Unfolding (2002).

پیش از مـــن و تـــو لیل و نهاری بـــــوده ست
گـــردنده فلـــک نیز بکــــاری بـــــــــوده سـت
هــــرجا که قــــدم نهـــی تو بـــر روی زمیـــن
آن مـــــردمک چشـــم نگـــآری بــــــــوده ست

before you and me ,
there was some kind of night and day ,
and the spinning sky was Making some kind of earth life
where ever you put your step on the earth
it will be at the center of sight of an angles image

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