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Visions In The Night

This song is by Axel Rudi Pell and appears on the album Black Moon Pyramid (1996).

Are you laughing, are you crying
Do you know who you are?
If you're living well then y are you dyin'
Your soul is sadly left and scarred.

Slowly turning, u try 2 leave
Before the dawn, u gotta see...

...See the visions in the night
Future's brighter there 4 u
See the visions in the night
If you're looking 4 the truth.

Are you wanderin', are you searching
4 the meaning of your life?
Are you waiting, now are you fighting, everyday?
Time just seems 2 past you by.

Empty lies and agony
Before tomorrow you gotta see...
...Within the visions of the night.

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