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Turned To Stone

This song is by Axel Rudi Pell and appears on the album Magic (1997).

They're called the fools of the Sixteenth Century,
They lived in fear and were lost in misery,
Deep in the night there was something going on,
Rats ran away and the spectres came along

They're locked in chains, the innocent victims,
Dreaming of turning to dust,
They're prisoners in time, bewitched by the wizard,
The evil will not come to rest

They turned to stone,
There was no coin in the wishing well,
They turned to stone,
Caught by a spell

The king told the crowd, not to touch the mystic stone,
But they lit the candles in the mystic danger zone,
They had no chance to escape from the rising force of the oath,
Caught in the light of death.

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