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Will Steinberg's PokeRap

This song is by Awwwwdiculous and appears on the album Awwwwdiculous (2009).

Who's that pokemon?!?!?!?
Magnemite. Magnemite. Magnemite. Magnemite.

Will Steinberg
Yo listen up. This one goes out to Brock and Misty.
And my homeboy Tracy we're pourin' a potion on the curb (?) I know you're out there

My name is Ash. The attack.
Don't splash your ass I got a Lapras
Don't sass I got a masterball in my pack

I'm fine, sent home a Mr. Mime
Got time so let's rhyme, is that a crime?
Psy-ai-ai, just tryin' to make some noise in here

So let's start. Our story begins
In a town called pallet. I was ten
And in this world at that age the children
At that age, they finally become men

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