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Swimmin' Pretty

This song is by Awwwwdiculous and appears on the album Awwwwdiculous (2009).

Get ready for BOZ BOZ BOZ DAT

Think I'm finished but I'm just gettin' started
Bye Bye Boz Dat off in uncharted
Waters reppin' solo as I talk to the mic
Jo Rida drops a beat that I really really like

I find I can't talk about metal machines
Giant robots and electric dreams
Though I find anime quite engaging
That's for another time right now I'm paging

All the players who like to take a dip
And I ain't talkin' bout with tortilla chips
I mean swimmin' pretty in a pool or lake
The deep blue sea in which I do partake

Now go get yo sandals and a towel or two
Brand goggles straight up and a watery crew
Swimmin' just ain't for the faint of heart
Unless you got swimmies with a cartoon shark

Swim trunks for the guys with floral designs
Maybe plad is still in with straight edge lines
Ladies can wear that polka dot swimsuit
Or if feelin' risque go head and dive in nude

Swimmin' pretty is where I like to be
Clear your mind and float in the water so free
Backstroke freestyle as fast as you can
Awwwwdiculous crew connecting through LAN

Won't you jump in and swim with me
Jo Rida A Boy and Lurdawg means plus three
If you're not into that synchronized swimmin'
Maybe we can go to Asia to do some shark finnin'

I really don't care what we do so long
As splishin' and splashin' is part of the song
The real goal here is to get all wet
Double entendre if it'd please you for yet

Swimmin' pretty! Is the life for I
If you see that little gleam up in my eye
I'mma grab my swim cap and shower shoes
Decompress in the water is what I choose

Now let me spin a story bout dedication
Something I think deserves some adulation
Haters said I'd never swim up here in the valley
But now I got some paper and start'd to keep a tally

So every morning before my classes start
I stroll across the street and do my part
Swim some laps in fitness center's indoor pool
My dedication makes you the fool

Swimmin' pretty as the sun breaks over the hills
Swimmin' pretty gone and give me the chills
Swimmin' pretty is as hardcore as it gets
Swimmin' pretty is better than joggin' with sweats

Don't even think about my freshman 15
Jo Rida's fat boz dat be a dream
Since I swim all day to keep it real
Swimmin' pretty is the only way to feel

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