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Skit 1

This song is by Awwwwdiculous and appears on the album Awwwwdiculous (2009).

Dan: So Jonah, how's that techno album coming?

Jonah: I don't know, at first it was going all right but I kinda hit the wall, can't really think of any good material...

Matt: You know, like, at this point why don't you just create a rap album?

Dan: Rap album?

Jonah: Whaaat?

Matt: Yeah yeah, you know, a rap album.

Jonah: Well I was gonna have Spencer rap over a track, I mean, I guess that makes sense. Sure, why not, how ea-hard could it be?

Dan: It could be pretty tough, like what are we gonna call the group?

Matt: It's gotta be something like really ridiculous...

Dan: But, but still awesome...

Jonah: Like...


Jonah: Oh sweet!

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