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​Robot Song

This song is by Awwwwdiculous.

I find myself at an impasse
The last one that's here to stay
Robots gettin' ready to take control
Already got robot sentries on patrol

Kick it live and five and prepare to fight
This terminator shit gunna kick it all night
When the robots boot up you'll all see
Why ya shoulda been listenin' to me

Pneumatic, static and not democratic
The robot attack it as we go fanatic
Stuck watching their tv's and digital downloads
While the robot army prepares to explode

They just wires connectors, calbes and gears
But now they're pissed off showing robot tears
The scientists, white lab techs wherin' specs
In the name of the future got us into this mess

The only solution I see for humanity
Is to break 'em with half, I'll do it with glee
Got my tin foil hat and my static guard wrist loop
We gotta regroup to stop this coming robot coup

Regardless, we prepare to battle
As the robots awake the ground starts to rattle
I felt this coming, I knew it'd happen
Watchu think its fun that's the purpose of rappin'

The moans and groans of robot fiends
And you might think this outlook goes and demeans
Scientific progress, but that isn't right
Just be careful of that furby next to your night light