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This song is by Awwwwdiculous and appears on the album Awwwwdiculous (2009).

Rollin' through the hood like an American Mountie,
We're the best rap quartet in Lower Bucks County
If Asher Roth's got beef we grill him like Rogers Roy
One-fourth of AWWWWDICULOUS and they call me A-Boy

Jo Rida
When we go to the clubs we be jumpin' the line
Cause every real playa knows that we're finer than fine
I be hangin' at the bar drinkin' cool apple cida
They all know my name, it's your boy Jo Rida

As we stroll in the house we throw the peace up
Even the cool kids know to ask us what's up
Can't complain they know my freak lyrics be phat
East coast rollercoaster known as Boz-Dat

Lurdawg steppin up to the mic
AWWWWDICULOUS here, getting ready to strike
Yeah everybody knows, ask the hoes, ask the campus bros
We're the best, better than the rest, now here the album goes

Yeah here the album goes

Jo Rida
Scratch Battle!

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