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Hot Song

This song is by Awwwwdiculous and appears on the album Awwwwdiculous (2009).

Yo Jo Rida, I heard you got a new girl

Jo Ria

What's she like man?

Jo Rida
What's she like... well... let me tell ya

All right

Jo Rida
I got a girlfriend and you know my girlfriend's HOT
When she walks by you stop and stare because she's HOT
Don't even try and tell me that you think that she is NOT
Cause everybody knows the my girl is SO DAMN HOT

Kinda worried that she'll cheat, and that's because she's HOT
Every guy that she meets, hits on her because she's HOT
If I try and talk about it, I find that I CANNOT
Life is rough when its tough to talk to her because she's HOT

When we go to a hotel, she makes me sleep on a COT
Have you ever tried to reason with a girlfriend that is HOT?
If I try to complain, she puts me on the SPOT
So tonight I won't sleep 'cause my girlfriend is so HOT

I do anything she wants just because she's so HOT
Like once she made me eat this disgusting KUMQUAT
It was gross (HELL Yeah) so I spit into a POT
Gonna get mad, then remembered, SHES HOT

Jo Rida
Can't believe her favorite movie is the action/drama S.W.A.T
I would call her retarded but I can't because she's HOT
That's not even the best movie that rhymes with the word HOT
How could she like a film starring actor JAMES DUMONT

We argue all the time, even though she is HOT
I call 'em taters, she calls 'em TOTS
I like plain old Chrysler, she likes new FIAT
I like plain old ice cream, she likes DIPPING DOTS

When she drank too much, I did nothing 'cause she's HOT
She took all my money and threw it on the SLOTS
Then she keyed my Mercedes as it sat in the LOT
Almost yelled, but was quelled, just because she's SO DAMN HOT

Then I came home, found my brother had been SHOT
I tried to call the police but I found that I COULD NOT
It would avenge my brother, if she was to be CAUGHT
But for her, I defer, just because she's so HOT

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