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Under Attack

This song is by Awoken and appears on the album Death Or Glory (2006).

We're under attack,
It's a threat to our bonds so strong.
We're under attack,
But we're all aware of your ways.

Not one single thing will save us from what is to come.
You pick at us until we come undone.

We've lost control.

We rested on our laurels,
You stole innocence.
Punished by naivety,
An unfortunate circumstance.
And now you've lost your only chance.

I can't believe
You gave me your word.
You closed your eyes and turned the stars to stone.

We know you
Can only build you tales so tall,
Before they tumble down.

You coward,
All the pain you have you earned.
Toss and turn,
Every sleepness night is well deserved

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