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Strive For What's Free

This song is by Awoken.

You said something
And I felt so much more
Days alone shed light on turmoil
I'm sick of this charade
Worked so hard for this
Found strength to resist
I broke it down
To build it up
This suffering is our test

These days
I draw my values from an open sky
Accept guidance for what it's worth
And draw my values from an open sky

I felt it taking over me
I turned my back to face a void
That was someone more than you could be

Choice we make
Has consequence
For richer for poorer
In sickness in health
In living in death
Our hearts are our wealth
But to this day
I can't fight your fight
The change must come from yourself
You must search inside

Strive for what's free

When all is said and done
Strive for what's free

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