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Fortune Favours The Strong

This song is by Awoken and appears on the album Death Or Glory (2006).

Now I have lost sight, lost touch and for what cost?
This distance between the dream and what could have been.
Sworn to silence, a pledge to myself.

No guts, no glory - I must see the good in my heart.
No guts, no glory - The one thing that sets us apart.
Fortune favours the strong.
If I try, I may fail, but I won't give up this fight.

We spend so many nights, sleepless, searching for the answers.
But barely a second on the right questions.
One thing I've learnt in this life of mine;
You only get one chance, so make it count.
With widened eyes and an open heart,
Don't ever look back and regret
What you've not done

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