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Blood Brings Colour

This song is by Awoken and appears on the album Death Or Glory (2006).

All or nothing - Blood bring colour.

Two sides go into war, one victor.
We stand, brothers in arms, we'd die for -
It's all or nothing.

This pride uncompromised -
Red justice.
We stand brothers in arms, living for -
Our blood brings colour.

All or nothing - Blood bring colour.

We grasp the flame that keeps the memories alive.

I turn my back to one night stands, this courage lasts a lifetime.
I live and breathe integrity, still bitter, yet still strong.

This proven valour is my strife, still the struggle rages on.
Won't back down despite the trials of a tarnished, worn out heart.

Through and through blood runs deep.
Through and through, the blood runs deep.
The colour beats, back into my heart

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