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Venom (2006)Edit

Awesome Snakes - Venom
  1. Venom
  2. I Want A Snake
  3. Shut Up!
  4. Whiskey Vs. Police
  5. It Would Be Awesome If We Weren't Here
  6. You Don't Like Snakes, I Don't Like You
  7. Snakes Vs. Jerks
  8. These Snakes Get High
  9. Awesome Snacks
  10. Awesome Party
  11. 1950's Ufo Vs.Snakes
  12. Awesome 6-Pack
  13. You Got Snakes All Up In Your Grill
  14. P.O.S. Vs. The Awesome Snakes
  15. The Future Of The Snake Industry

Snake Cake (2009)Edit

Awesome Snakes - Snake Cake
Snake Cake
  1. Moola
  2. You Got Another Thing Comin'
  3. Birthday Party Sally
  4. Fist Fight

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