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​Rotary Clone

This song is by Awesome New Republic and appears on the album Rational Geographic Vol. I (2009).

Way back in old America,
They wouldn't scare you.
They'd steal your soul.
These days, they'll just take care of you.
Jet back, pick up the rotary clone.

The medication seems so real to me
I swear
An indication of the way that we
We're scared
To take two silent screams of peace on the floor
Returned to violent scenes; a beast on all fours.

Remember how this house it used to be
When we'd dare
To get a grip and fix the royal we
I swear
Cities prefer these jungle days
Farmers prefer these jungle waters
Ozone caught in the laser rays
Better to protect
The sons and daugters of the times ahead.

Pick up the phone

Because I feel like a visitor in my house
I feel like an animal in my home
I just want a place to call my own
Or maybe I should waste my rotary phone.

Make a little progress every day
Hoping that we don't fall off
Ask me how I'm doing, what can I say?
Yo, woman, this shit is rough.
If I tried to dial like back in the day
It might feel like home
But I'd be holding back the flavor of something wrong
And I'd wind up like a clone... tick... boom.