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​Take It

This song is by Awesome Car Funmaker and appears on the album Green Means Go (2006).

I see the pain in your face
I can tell you want me to feel the same
You say don't look at me like that, I don't even
Know why you came
But I'm standing and I'm still staying
And you may never want me ever again
As you wonder to yourself is this really the end

Take it yeah yeah yeah
But don't forget that you got it from me

You don't own me and I don't own you
But somehow we're still trying to understand
The reason why we hurt each other is 'cause we can

Yet there's something that glows inside of me
That's the same thing that glows inside of you
And if you open up your shades of lead, I'll open mine too

We will fall apart, and we will change
And there will be pieces of each other
We'll want to exchange, a piece of history
Locked inside our heads, I'm sure you'll want a
Piece of mine before we're dead, so take it