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This song is by Awesome Car Funmaker and appears on the album Green Means Go (2006).

This is another time, This is another life.
This is another fact you're brought to recognize
The empty feeling rise, boredom super-size
You can't break free, you start to recognize
In dark corners hide. careless free rides.
Hang in holes in walls to anesthetize
The overwhelming drive, Destroy to feel alive.
Genuflect to hate just to get a rise

The'll cap you cold when you get caught
But now you are on a roll and you're hot

This is outlawed but that don't mean much.
This is outlawed but you got the get away touch

You gotta pick a side, your mind is always fried
You're in no condition to decide
It's just a power game, always been the same
The'll chop off your legs then the'll call you lame

The'll cap you cold when you get caught
But you're on a roll and you're hot
And that's your secret baby

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