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Poison Arrows

This song is by Away From Here and appears on the album Anatomy Of A Broken Heart (2004).

...If this is kissing an angel
(Then Id rather burn in hell)
Your lipgloss tastes like cherry
(Why does it burn like cyanide?)
I wont waste any time now
(Straight for the jugular)
Poison arrows for this heart now
(Love lost, love less)

So cut away all the ties we have
Cut the veins attached to my heart
Break away from love and sticky notes
I wont stay for one second more

Unspeakable my starlet, beauty's lost its sparkle
Love lost and love less
Love lost and love less

If this is love at first sight
(Then light my eyes ablaze)
Your tender touch, on my back now
(Pull out the knife you dug so deep)

Try stabbing me in the chest
Rather then the knife in my back
So I can still mouth the words I love (to hate) you...........