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This song is by Awaken and appears on the album Tales Of Acid Ice Cream (1996).

I see reflections in the water
Autumn colours
Summer's daughter
And as the year is growing older
I see winter
On my shoulder
I stand in the haze
Watching stormy ripples grow
On my own
Never knew you were needed
Till I found myself standing here alone
And in the water such a sad face
Slowly drowning
Such a sad thing
I only I could change the seasons
Like a poet
I've my reasons
It started to snow
In the middle of July
Wonder why
Never did understand you
My sorrow is hanging in the grey sky
In the summer days
We flew to the sun
On melting wings
But the seasons change so fast
Leave us all behind
But then the stone fell on the water
Putting end to summer's daughter
And me I turned away remembering
All the seasons
Such a sad end
It started to rain
In the middle of the sun
Winter's begun
Never did understand you
My soul is hanging in the grey sky

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